Baking/Pastry Class Holds Tempting Trade Show

Published 04.28.2009

Baking & Culinary

Some of the day's student trade-show vendors - from left, Kathleen A. Garrison, of Flanders, N.J.; Allyson J. Roan, of Pennsylvania Furnace; Carrie L. Taylor, of Hughesville; Akacia Klick, of Kingston; and Hillary E. Reitz, of Williamsport - await their public An all-star roster of enterprising pastry chefs Ashley M. Wolfe, of South Williamsport, serves up pina colada sorbet, a perfect antidote for a sweltering pre-summer day Hillary E. Reitz, of Williamsport, displays her Nocturnal Bread jewelry for Chef Monica J. Lanczak The Baking and Pastry Applications Class, the students responsible for the popular campus bake sales throughout the year, completed a semester-ending "trade show" project in the Susquehanna Room from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Tuesday. The show was a presentation of pastry product development, merchandising and marketing techniques, according to Chef Monica J. Lanczak, instructor of hospitality management/culinary arts, who said the students created a fictitious business and spotlighted a product they developed for sale. They had to develop fliers, business cards and packaging, and provide a table display of their featured product ... all within a 3-foot area. The students talked with "customers" about their products as they give samples. This was an ongoing research project that started with a Madigan Library presentation of search engines with librarian Judy F. McConnell at the beginning of the semester. The students since learned about job descriptions, hiring techniques, employee evaluations, job orientation and motivational techniques that tie into their business and product, Lanczak said, adding that mock job interviews were held in class last week.