More Than 40 High Schools Participate in Career Day

Published 10.21.2008


Andrew Capone shows Career Day participants how to test a person's blood-sugar glucose level Christopher Heiss demonstrates how to insert a breathing tube and ventilate a patient Mass media communication students Thadeus M. Waters (center) and Ciarra Y. Clarke work with a Career Day guest in the WPTC studio Chef Paul E. Mach, assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts, provides a cooking demonstration Daniel W. Yoas, assistant professor of computer information technology, offers an overview of 'Careers in Computer Security' Nearly 1,800 students (and more than 230 chaperones) from41 schools participated in Friday's Career Day activities on Penn College's campuses. Aided by 54 members of the college's faculty and 127 student workers, the visitors were treated to a variety of hands-on activities and academic tours organized by the college's Outreach for K-12 Office. ( Photos by Kenneth L. Barto, student photographer)