Enlightening Campus Series to Begin With 'Alcohol Awareness Week'

Published 09.03.2008


"Meet at Norms," Pennsylvania College of Technology's series of events to promote consciousness and accountability among members of the campus community, will open Sept. 8-12 with Alcohol Awareness Week.

This year's theme to be echoed throughout 2008-09 as the focus turns to alcohol use, depression, sexual responsibility and eating disorders is "Meet at Norms." During the college's 2008-09 Awareness Weeks, presenters plan to dispel common myths, communicate the truth, provide educational and entertaining events, and encourage the Penn College community to "Meet at Norms."

"Norms" is a place, perhaps a restaurant, where everyone wants to be; a place, event organizers say, where most people feel comfortable and happy. "Norms" also have been defined as "what the majority of people in a group do or how they behave, and what the majority believe about how they and others should act."

"Alcohol Awareness Week is a cornerstone in our campus alcohol abuse prevention efforts. Our goal is to educate students about excessive drinking and consequences that can occur on both personal and academic levels," said Carl L. Shaner, director of Penn College's student health center. "By using a social normative campaign we will need to empower students to take responsibility for their own decisions and the campus environment when it comes to alcohol."

With the exception of Thursday's "Game Night" and Friday's Hiawatha cruise, all Alcohol Awareness Week events are open to the public.

A full schedule follows:

Monday, Sept. 8 AAW Kickoff Bush Campus Center, Breuder Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center and Hager Lifelong Education Center (Susquehanna Room) lobbies Penn College students, faculty and staff will hand out copies of the week's event schedule.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 "A Tale of Two Students" 3:30 p.m., Penn's Inn (second floor of the Campus Center) This entertaining presentation is intended to illustrate that finding success at Penn College and in the "real world" is a culmination of positive, responsible choices made from day one on campus.

"True Stories: After the Crash" 7:30 p.m., Student and Administrative Services Center Presentation Room The riveting video, "Graduation Day," and presenters will disclose personal accounts of how alcohol mixed with poor judgment has impacted their lives ... and the lives of others.

Wednesday, Sept. 10 2008 Awareness Fair 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Professional Development Center Lawn/Campus Mall Concerned about a friend? Want to know how to help? The fair will feature information from college offices and local agencies. Stop by to meet college staff and members of the community, while picking up important information about health and safety.

Golf Cart Beer Run and DUI Trailer 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Professional Development Center Lawn Think you know the effect alcohol consumption has on driving functions? Test yourself by driving a golf cart, donated by the White Deer Golf Course, through an obstacle course while wearing vision-impairing "drunk goggles." Penn College Police also will be on hand to demonstrate field-sobriety tests.

Thursday, Sept. 11 Golf Cart Beer Run and DUI Trailer 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Professional Development Center Lawn

Mock Crash Scene 7:30 p.m. Field House Parking Area See what emergency responders see when cars and alcohol collide. Watch as various campus groups join police, fire, ambulance and LifeFlight personnel to recreate the scene of a high-speed accident in which alcohol may have played a role. The crash will be highlighted by presentations from individuals who have been directly affected and/or involved in DUI-related crashes locally.

"Game Night at Norms" 8 to 11 p.m., Professional Development Center Mountain Laurel Room Hang out at "Norms." Students are invited to bring their teams of five to play Team Trivia, with Quizzo questions by Jon Mackey, and compete to win cash. They also can watch the North Carolina vs. Rutgers football game on the big screen and enjoy "mock-tails" made by friends in Residence Hall Association. Other refreshments in an alcohol-free environment will be provided.

Friday, Sept. 12 Hiawatha Cruise and Wing Night 8 p.m., Susquehanna State Park (Sponsored by the Student Activities Office)

Weeklong Events Educational Tables/Videos Educational display tables and videos will be available in various areas around campus.

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