Are You Interested in Carpooling to Penn College?

Published 04.23.2008

Faculty & Staff

The Energy Conservation Subcommittee has a new initiative to see if members of the Pennsylvania College of Technology community are interested in carpooling.

Why Carpool?

  • There are 900 full-time employees at Penn College

  • If each employee averages 20 miles a day commuting to work, that is 18,000 miles driven each day

  • If the vehicles average 20 miles per gallon, that represents a total of 900 gallons of gasoline consumed each day

  • If gasoline costs $3.50 per gallon,those 900 gallons cost $3,150

What Does This Mean for You?

  • One person (you?) drives about 100 miles a week to get to and from work

  • You use 5 gallons of gasoline a week for your commute

  • You spend $17.50 each week for fuel and you emit 100 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, along with other pollutants

  • If you carpool, you save lots of money and pollution, not to mention wear and tear on your vehicle (and you will make new friends, too).

Question: What is the major hurdle to carpooling
Answer: Finding others that travel your direction at convenient times for all.
Solution: E-mail the subcommittee's carpooling clearinghouse with your information: Your home location (such as, east side of Muncy) and your work hours. Someone from the subcommittee will get back to you to take the next step.