Penn College Major Attraction at State Farm Show

Published 01.15.2008


Representatives of Penn College's eight academic schools, as well as alumni and admissions personnel, were a popular attraction during the 92nd Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this month. Demonstrating the institution's excellence in hands-on education through a variety of displays and activities, faculty/staff and students entertained and enlightened visitors throughout the weeklong tradition. Among the many highlights: A number of alumni were on hand, including a one-day record visit from 52 graduates; the Wildcat mascot and Penn College's ever-able ambassadors were a huge success; School of Hospitality students cooked with faculty and guests, and participated in live demonstrations on the Pennsylvania Cable Network; hundreds of children built wooden toolboxes emblazoned with "PCT" stickers; young (and not-so-young) passersby stopped for a game of checkers on a set made in the college's automated manufacturing lab; and the School of Natural Resources Management allowed nimble-fingered attendees to pick a golf ball out of a small sandbox with a remote-controlled scoop.