Campus Forum Addresses Student-on-Student Violence

Published 12.04.2007


Community Assistants Kim Hummel and Andrew Christoffel Listening to a presentation on student violence Faculty, staff and students gathered Monday night in Room 200 of the Madigan Library to discuss issues related to student-on-student fighting and other violence. The event, "Wanna Fight? Let's Talk About It: An Open Forum to Discuss Violence at Penn College," was presented by Community Assistants Kim Hummel and Andrew Christoffel, who help create a greater awareness and sense of community among the college's off-campus residents. Participants heard about recent upswings in the number and severity of physical altercations involving students (especially off-campus) from special guests Chris Miller, Penn College Police chief; Morton Neely, assistant director of counseling, and Elliott Strickland, special assistant to the vice president for student affairs. Hummel and Christoffel led participants in in-depth discussions about how to address and reduce the use of violence as a means to solve conflicts. For more information on this issue or the Community Assistant Program, contact the Student Affairs Office. ( Photos by Stephanie A. Shutter, student photographer)