SIS Has New Look, Provides Additional Services

Published 06.19.2007

Student News

The combined efforts of Information Technology Services, College Informationand Community Relations, and the Registrar's Office have resulted in a new look for the Student information System. The new look provides a consistent layout with the rest of the college Web site and puts commonly used links in one place.

In addition to the new layout, a new option has been added to SIS. Students now have the ability to assign access to their SIS information to a parent or guest. Students can create as many parent/guest accounts as they would like and assign each account its own User ID, password and level of access. The levels of access are:

  • Complete authority, which gives access to all SIS functions and authorizes staff/faculty to release the student's academic information to the parent/guest
  • Full authority, which gives access to all SIS functions, but does not authorize staff/faculty to release academic information
  • Limited authority, which gives access to all noneducational records (e.g., View Class Schedule, Financial Aid Information and View Student E-Bill/On-line Tuition Payment)