International Student Certified as Aircraft Electronics Technician

Published 03.29.2007

Student News

Mwaura K. Ngoima, Penn College's first international student to be certified as an aircraft electronics technician, at the Lumley Aviation Center. Mwaura K. Ngoima, an aviation maintenance technology student from Kenya, recently became the first Penn College international student toattain his aircraft electronics technician certification.

Ngoima was the second of10 Penn College studentsto pass the exam so far and the first in his home country.

"His acheivement is significant, because (the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training) has not yet published a study guide," said Shanin L. Dougherty, the college's international program specialist. "Mwaura and his fellow students were able to study the material available on the NCATT Web site and pass the test without study-guide help."

Penn College is among five colleges that received a $500,000 National Science Foundation grant in May 2005 to develop standards, curriculum and certification for aircraft electronics technicians..

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