Electronics Labs Take Shape in Newest Campus Building

Published 01.11.2007

Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology

Laboratory space has been earmarked for use by first-year classes.New laboratories for Pennsylvania College of Technology's electronics and computer engineering technologies department are taking shape in the college's Center for Business and Workforce Development, currently under construction between Vine Avenue and West Fourth Street. The building and its electronics labs are scheduled to open in time for the Fall 2007 semester.

In late December, framework was in place to mark walls and doorways for such spaces as a first-year laboratory, industrial-process control laboratory, senior projects laboratory, and a network lab. The electronics and computer engineering department, currently housed in the Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center, offers a bachelor's degree as well as several associate degrees, with specializations in Cisco Systems, communications and fiber optics, nanofabrication technology, and robotics and automation.

Welding takes place in the future laboratory that will give space to senior project work.The Center for Business and Workforce Development is also slated to house the college's Workforce Development and Continuing Education, the Industrial Modernization Center, and Penn State at Penn College. Watch for updates on the construction progress.