A Sparkling Success: Diamond Ring Among Treasures Found at Sale

Published 05.15.2006


This year's Penn College-United Way Trash-to-Treasure event was a "sparkling success," in more ways than one.

The one-day rummage sale, some say the largest in the area, raised over $2,500 for the Lycoming County United Way and more than 600 pounds of food for the American Rescue Workers. All of the unsold items also were donated to the American Rescue Workers. Most of the items were donated by Penn College faculty, staff and students. This year also saw a marked increase in the amount of donations from the faculty, staff and students of Lycoming College. The big news of the event happened Friday, when volunteers began displaying and pricing the items. One observant volunteer noticed a ring in a jewelry box that really stood out. United Way staff took the ring to a local jeweler, who confirmed it as a quarter-carat diamond ring worth approximately $600-$700. The ring will be officially documented and sold on eBay, with proceeds added to the total amount raised by the event. A very special "Thank you" goes out to everyone who helped with this year's third annual Trash-to-Treasure sale!