College Police 'Crime Alert' Resolves Conflicting Reports

Published 04.11.2006


A number of questions have been raised regarding conflicting reports following an early Sunday morning shooting incident in the City of Williamsport that involved four Penn College students.The students were passengers in a car that was struck by a stray bullet while traveling on West Fourth Street at Campbell Street at 2:15 a.m. A bullet entered the passenger side of the car and struck the driver in the arm. The driver, who was not a Penn College student, did not require medical treatment. Early reports from the Williamsport Bureau of Police, which were reported by the local media Monday, incorrectly identified the injured person. The information was later corrected.The students involved immediately returned to campus and reported the incident to Penn College Police. City police took a suspect into custody shortly thereafter.All faculty, staff and students are invited and encouraged to attend a special forum that will address the issue of safety in Williamsport, especially as it applies to Penn College students. The forum will take place during the Student Government Association meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 12, in Penn's Inn at the Bush Campus Center.

Participating in the forum will be Davie Jane Gilmour, president of Penn College; Chris Miller, Penn College Police chief; and J. Elliott Strickland, special assistant to the vice president for student affairs.With the recent occurrences of shootings, arson fires and other crimes in the Williamsport community, it is clear that safety needs to be everyone's responsibility.Please attend this meeting to hear the correct information and have your questions answered.

College police "Crime Alerts" also are posted here.