Students Get 'Hands-On' Look at YMCA Biometric Entry System

Published 03.20.2006

Information Technology
Business, Arts & Sciences

'Handprints' control members' entry to The Williamsport YMCA's fitness facilities The door opens for Paras P. Shah, assistant professor of computer science - and a YMCA member - after he successfully keyed in his ID number and matched his hand to the information on file The YMCA's Robin Musser shows students how the hand reader interacts with the computer network to control access by the facility's 3,500 members Robin Musser temporarily enrolls Suzanne A. Hassenplug, a network specialist major from Lewisburg, to enable her to try the entry systemStudents in CIT236 (An Introduction to Biometric Identification and Authentication) in Penn College's School of Business and Computer Technologies traveled to the Williamsport YMCA on Monday for a look at its hand-recognition system for controlling entry. Lawrence P. Savitsky, "Y" administrator, explained the system, which takes more than 200 measurements in its scan of a member's hand before unlocking the door and allowing access. The class also plans to visit the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Montoursville to view its fingerprint-identification system, which is linked by computer to a national database.