Limits on Employee e-Mailbox Space to Take Effect Sept. 1

Published 08.01.2005

Faculty & Staff

Information Technology Services has postponed the implementation of space limits onfaculty/staff e-mail accounts for one month to give employees additional time to purge items from their GroupWise mailboxes. Initially, everyone's account was set up with a very large limit of 4000 MB to accommodate existing mailbox sizes. On Sept. 1, however, that will be reduced to 500 MB. If you haven't already done so, please take some time over the next few weeks to reduce the size of your mailbox. You can start by deleting unnecessary items, paying close attention to your "Sent Items" and "Trash" folders. These areas take up a substantial amount of space, especially when they include file attachments. For more information, please review the original PCToday article , issued in early May.