Chimney Sweeps Attend Masonry School on Campus

Published 06.08.2005


Painstaking trowelwork Taking measurements Teamwork in the masonry lab Glenn R. Luse instructs students A record crowd of 35 chimney sweeps from across the country is on campus for "Masonry: A Permanent Improvement," a weeklong class offered through Workforce Development & Continuing Education and the Pennsylvania Guild of Professional Chimney Sweeps. This is the fourth year for the program, which is taught by Glenn R. Luse, a building construction instructor at Penn College; and Chris Prior from the Adirondack Chimney Co. in Mosherville, N.Y. Luse said masons are less inclined to do fireplace repairs due to safety concerns and other considerations, and − because sweeps are in a better position to examine a chimney's condition − helping them acquire basic masonry skills expands the services they can offer their customers. The workshop, like the college's degree programs, offers a mix of classroom theory and hands-on instruction in a laboratory setting. The group is staying in campus housing for the week.