Fifth Annual Williamsport Technical Institute Reunion Set for June 17

Published 05.19.2005

Alumni News

A Williamsport Technical Institute alumnus pores over memorabilia at last year's reunion.Pennsylvania College of Technology's Alumni Relations Office will host alumni of one of the college's predecessors, Williamsport Technical Institute, at the fifth annual W.T.I. reunion on June 17.

"This reunion gets bigger every year as we locate more and more of our 'lost' W.T.I. alumni," said Barbara A. Danko, director of alumni relations at Penn College. "Last year, 75 alumni returned to the college for the reunion. We hope this year will bring even more back to campus."

Danko added that W.T.I. alumni are located throughout the United States and around the world. The foundation for Williamsport Technical Institute − and Penn College − was established in 1914, when Williamsport High School expanded its vocational-education programs to include adult students.

W.T.I. became a separate postsecondary institution in 1941 and educated thousands of students from 1941-65, after which it became known as Williamsport Area Community College. In 1989, the institution became a special-mission affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University and changed its name to Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Danko said the college lost track of almost all W.T.I. alumni over the years. Renewed efforts over the past four years have resulted in more than 1,300 alumni being located. Reunion invitations have been mailed to all of those W.T.I. alumni.

"Any W.T.I. alumnus who didn't receive an invitation in the mail is also welcome to attend," Danko said. "The only reason they didn't receive an invitation is that we don't have their current address."

Danko said W.T.I. alumni should contact her office no later than June 10 to ensure adequate seating and meals for the reunion luncheon. Alumni can register by calling 1-877-PCT-ALUM (1-877-728-2586).

At the reunion, W.T.I. alumni will have opportunities to see what has and hasn't changed in their program areas − and at the college as a whole − as they visit with old and new friends.

Regardless of whether they can attend the reunion, any W.T.I. alumni who have not been contacted by the Penn College Alumni Relations Office are encouraged to call 1-877-PCT-ALUM, send e-mail or write to Pennsylvania College of Technology Alumni Relations Office, One College Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701-5799.

The college's alumni-outreach efforts include mailing the college's award-winning quarterly magazine, One College Avenue, and providing updates on special opportunities and events.