Implementation Plan Announced for New PCT IDs

Published 11.04.2004


Pennsylvania College of Technology has begun the final phase of its project to replace Social Security numbers as the primary identifier. Beginning Jan. 1, the College will use PCT ID numbers to identify students, faculty and staff.

Penn College helping to combat identity theft with new ID numbers, cards.Nearly 8,000 new ID cards, displaying the new PCT ID, will be issued to current students and employees. The new PCT ID will be a nine-digit number, formatted as nnn.nnn.nnn, and beginning with 777.

Distribution to students will begin the week of Nov. 8. Future PCToday articles and e-mails will offer more details. Distribution to employees will be announced later.

The activation date for the new cards will fall between Dec. 19 and Jan. 1. Employees and students should carry both the old and new cards during the last two weeks of December.

Sometime after Dec. 19, the College will convert all computerized systems to the new PCT ID. Online systems may be unavailable for normal business anytime between Dec. 19-31. Systems will go back online as testing is completed. A more specific list of system downtimes will be published closer to the start of the conversion.

User IDs that students use to log in to the College's network will remain the same; however, students must use their new PCT ID numbers to log in to the Student Information System.

Additional information and important dates will be published as implementation progresses.

Thank you for your cooperation as Penn College takes this important step toward safeguarding student and employee information.