'Internet Business Day' Offers E-Commerce Learning Opportunity

Published 05.15.2002


Anyone wishing to gain hands-on, interactive experience with e-business and learn from experts in the field will have the opportunity when Pennsylvania College of Technology's Technology Transfer Center offers "Internet Business Day" on June 12.

Those attending the session will be introduced to e-commerce, learn how to build a Web site in 90 minutes and be able to speak with a "Power Panel" of information-technology professionals.

The cost for Internet Business Day is $25 and includes lunch. Seating is limited, and registration is required for the session, which will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Business and Technology Resource Center on Reach Road in Williamsport.

Activities will include exploring e-business models that work; learning the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of e-commerce; exploring the potential of Web auctions; engaging in buying and selling in a safe, secure environment; building a Web site in 90 minutes; unleashing the hidden potential of Microsoft FrontPage 2000; and meeting with IT professionals, Web-page developers, people engaged in e-commerce and service providers.

"This is an incredible opportunity for people to acquire firsthand experience in the world of e-commerce and to connect with information-technology professionals who can provide answers to their questions," said Thomas G. Woodson, project coordinator for the TTC. "We are providing the technology and the knowledgeable people necessary to make this a unique learning experience for the entire region."

Participating organizations include the TTC and Penn College, the Industrial Modernization Center, SEDA-Council of Governments, the Central Pennsylvania Chambers' of Commerce Information Technology Committee, and the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program.

The project is supported, in part, by funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Link-to-Learn Project.

To register, call (570) 327-4775 or send a fax to (570) 321-5546.