Victims of Violence Gain Voices Through 'The Clothesline Project'

Published 12.02.1998


Pennsylvania College of Technology's North Campus Student Activities, the Williamsport YWCA Wise Options, and the Tioga County Women's Coalition are sponsoring a display of "The Clothesline Project" at Penn College's North Campus.

Using T-shirts as the canvas for artistic and heartfelt expression, victims of violence and their loved ones utilize the project to break the silence and strengthen their voices through this compelling display.

Deb Sanders, coordinator of academic and student affairs at the North Campus, says a common color-coding represents the many forms of violence against women and children: white for victims who have died as a result of domestic violence; yellow or beige for women who have been battered; red, pink or orange for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted; blue or green for survivors of incest or child sexual assault; and purple or lavender for women attacked because of their sexual orientation/identification.

The Clothesline Project can be viewed at the North Campus now through the end of the semester. It is free and open to the College community and the general public.