Ali Petrizzi

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When she first came to Penn College, Ali considered a career in dental hygiene. But after learning more about the graphic design program, she knew that was where she was supposed to be. Ali thrived during her time at Penn College. Today she's a User Interaction Designer at Victoria's Secret.  

Ali Petrizzi

Q&A with Ali


Originally, I came to Penn College for Dental Hygiene (I know, big jump). I realized it wasn’t for me around the same time I met graphic design student Nina Walk through our roles as resident assistants. She showed me her work and I was amazed. I always had a passion for creativity, design, and art, I just didn’t know I could make a career out of it!


Honestly, I enjoy how small the class size is. I ask a lot of questions, so it’s helped me tremendously. On top of that, our professors’ offices are also located in the same hallway as our classrooms. I can easily pop in and ask them questions, get critique, or just chat.


My advice would be to get involved or at least attend college events. PC3 is EXTREMELY helpful in this—there’s several events during the first 3 weeks of classes, allowing student to connect (and they give away free stuff!).


I would say to follow your dreams and if graphic design is a part of it, go for it! A degree in graphic design will open the doors for a wide variety of jobs including web, illustration, packaging, and publication, just to name a few. Our graphic design program spans the depth of several areas, so you really gain an understanding of different paths. 

Student Experience

“Not only do Penn College graduates statistically have such a high placement rate, but I honestly think alumni are really proud of the education they’ve received.”

Ali Petrizzi

Featured Video

Think Penn College might be for you?

Check out Ali's homemade video. Get her take on the graphic design program and learn about life at Penn College. 

Celebrating awesome women

Celebrating awesome women

Each year, the campus community is invited to nominate female students they admire to be named AWEsome Women Exemplars. A leader from the start, Ali was selected to receive this honor during her second year at Penn College.

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Sharing skills with others

When current events increased the demand for online learning, Ali and other members of the Penn College student chapter of AIGA launched a series of graphic design video tutorials. These tips and tricks can be found on the group's YouTube channel. 

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Recognized for leadership

Recognized for leadership

Ali and Morgan Keyser (graphic design) are all smiles as they show off their Student Leader Legacy Scholarship plaques. Ali earned this scholarship during a year when more than 40 nominations were received for 15 awards.  


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Graphic Design 2020

Student Portfolio Exhibition

Graphic Design 2020 is an annual exhibition displaying the best design, illustration, and web design work of graphic design majors in their final semester. Design faculty select the best of the best for display, including a number of pieces from Ali.

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Creatively connecting

Ali teamed up with fellow classmates and instructor Nick Stephenson for a panel discussion to give potential students a glimpse of the graphic design program at Penn College. 

A walk through time

During her time years at Penn College, Ali's been involved in all types of activities. Here's a look at a few of her highlights.

See her in the Graphic Design video

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