Jeff Repko

In Proximity

2019 Exhibit Dates
Oct 23 To Dec 11

Jeff Repko creates assemblages that explore potential and possibilities through interactions of color and forms. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, after deindustrialization, his work explores notions of industry and the stories he heard growing up. Never truly having experienced the industrial era in the Pittsburgh, he feels both a distance and closeness to it. His work is a personal attempt to experience and create the physical objects, optimism, and a sense of community.

Time, technology, and color have become a lens distorting the work. His practice evokes a sense of serious play as the sculptures and paintings use color to reinvigorate and turn these analog tools and machinery into playful toy-like assemblages. These assemblages exist both in digital and physical space juxtaposing the boundless possibilities of a synthetic world in the limitations of a physical presence. Through the forms’ implied potential and the colors’ inherent optimism, he asks the viewers to envision possibilities.

Jeff Repko received his MFA in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and BFA from Penn State. He is currently an assistant professor of sculpture at the University of North Georgia. His work has been shown nationally in both gallery and public art environments.

Endless Waltz: Crescendo, 2017, acrylic, paint and wood, 3’ x 3’ x 6’