Jennifer R. A. Campbell

Lotus Eaters

2014 Exhibit Dates
Nov 14 To Dec 14

Lotus Eaters explores the meeting point of theatre and painting in a collection of elaborately staged tableaux that depict enigmatic episodes in the ongoing drama of contemporary life. Set in fictitious landscapes, these flickering vignettes involve characters from both the leisure class and the fringes of society. Comedy and tragedy mingle with satire and nonsense in ambiguous, yet suggestive narratives that call attention to the absurdity of human existence. In contrast, the landscape backdrops are harmonious and well-ordered; nature offers no comment on the tragedies unfolding in the chaotic world of humanity. With microscopic attention to detail, Campbell creates a colorful spectacle of a ridiculous world. An avid consumer of visual culture, her diverse influences include Northern Renaissance art, fashion magazines, contemporary advertisement and film.

Jennifer R. A. Campbell is a Canadian artist currently based in Boston, MA. She holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees; one in Sociology from Bishop's University, Quebec and a second in Art History from Carleton University, Ontario. She received formal art training at the Ottawa School of Art.

Roman Holiday Roman Holiday, diptych, 2013, oil on canvas, 50" x 80"