Ned Martin

Before and After

2014 Exhibit Dates
May 29 To Jun 29

Before and After explores how the creative process can be dramatically altered by a single event or experience. And more, how that event can enlighten and inspire an artist to paint the beauty of Life itself with intense love and adoration even while communing with the arcane darkness of loss.

On February 17, 2013 Ned Martin witnessed a tragic horse accident in which he lost his beloved wife and soul mate. The exhibition is physically divided in the gallery into two distinct sections of paintings produced during both periods of time, before and after February 17, 2013.

Ned Martin was a fine art major at Towson State University in Maryland, followed by formal art training at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. Ned embraced the Schuler School experience and continues to grind his own paint. He lives and paints in both Mid-town Manhattan and rural Central Pennsylvania. Interview with Ned Martin 

The Gap, 2012 , oil on panel, 7" x 12"