John Bavaro

Masterpiece Mobile: Art on a Wireless Canvas

2012 Exhibit Dates
Aug 30 To Sep 30

John Bavaro paints mini "masterpieces" on the iPhone and iPad, often using only his finger as a stylus. Using art apps, Bavaro reinterprets classical paintings from his hyper close-up museum photography, and also recreates versions of the Roman-era "Fayum Portraits" from Egypt using friends and family as his models. His use of the mobile technology illuminates the reaches of Apple's famous "app for that" claim for the wireless generation-endlessly engineering the common device to reach into every area of modern existence.

Bavaro earned an MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati, and is currently an associate professor of art at Edinboro University, Pennsylvania. His iPad and iPhone works have been included in national and international exhibitions.

iPhone/iPad Fayum portraits iPhone/iPad Fayum portraits, grid of 30, 2011, Epson prints, 1" x 9"