Cathy Breslaw


2012 Exhibit Dates
May 18 To Jun 28

Cathy Breslaw's work explores the possibilities of familiar and accessible commercial materials to create art pieces that awaken the mind and spirit. Journeys to Taiwan and Shanghai introduced Breslaw to factories where industrial mesh was manufactured for consumer grocery and kitchen products. Taking the material out of the world of commerce and into her studio, Breslaw revealed its organic and ethereal traits as she created works that combine forms of painting, sculpture, and installation. Her creations invite the viewer to take an intimate look at materials that transcend their function and defy their destiny, existing indefinitely as enduring art rather than as expended and discarded goods.

Cathy Breslaw earned an MFA in visual arts from Claremont Graduate University. She has exhibited her work across the United States in solo and group exhibitions at museums, college and university galleries, art centers, and commercial galleries.

Grape Seed, details from installation Metamorphosis, 2011, industrial mesh