Out of This World - The Landscapes of Our Solar System

2012 Exhibit Dates
Mar 13 To Apr 19

This visually dazzling exhibition chronicles the relationship between space science and space art, and brings together the real and the imagined landscapes of our solar system. The exhibit includes highly detailed photographs taken by interplanetary robotic explorers, as well as dramatic views from the surfaces of planets and their moons as imagined by some of the best internationally known space artists of our day. Grounded firmly in scientific research using the most current data available, but inspired by creativity and imagination, these space artists construct realistic images of the worlds beyond our personal knowledge. Their purpose is to inform, inspire, and spark our sense of adventure. Their work has been used by NASA and has been featured in numerous books on astronomical art, in scientific textbooks on our solar system, and on the covers of major scientific periodicals. The exhibit also includes a compelling documentary film on the history of space exploration narrated by Harrison Ford. This traveling exhibition was developed by the Hearst Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Physics and Astronomy departments of Saint Mary's College of California.

Enceladus, artist: Ron Miller, 2005, digital image, 36 in. x 84 in.