Denis Peterson


2011 Exhibit Dates
Mar 15 To Apr 20

Hyperrealist painter Denis Peterson will exhibit his latest series of work featuring New York City street scenes. Originally based on photographs, the multi-layered paintings incorporate altered depths of field, compositional changes, and expanded color ranges to portray the urbanized cultural reality. His work is considered an extreme version of Photo-Realism, with a focus on pictorial precision in his presentation of social realities alongside an implied social commentary.

Before earning an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute, Peterson restored sixteenth and seventeenth century Flemish paintings, a skill he learned from his grandfather, a master painter and protege of Claude Monet. Peterson's paintings are collected worldwide and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe; he maintains a studio in Long Island.

Foot Action, acrylics and urethanes on canvas, 38 in. x 32 in.