Mark Khaisman

Likeness of a Likeness

2011 Exhibit Dates
Jan 08 To Feb 02

Mark Khaisman's figurative images are classically rendered from carefully layered strips of translucent packing tape applied to backlit acrylic sheets. The artist uses the tape as a wide brush, with the light offering shadow and depth. His images are constructed and calculated, but at the same time the medium is about deconstruction-the image is broken into grids, pixels, and layers, converting matter into a visual illusion. The work is exploring the familiar; made of a familiar material formed into a familiar image. Through the familiar, Khaisman builds an image that is as fragile as its material, asking the viewer to recognize and complete the work, stimulating both memory and interpretation in the process.

Mark Khaisman studied art and architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked for several decades in architecture, animation, and stained glass design. He began exhibiting his tape works in 2005 and has since gained wide recognition in the United States and around the world.

Roman Portrait 5 2009, packaging tape on plexiglass in light box, 48 in. x 36 in.