Cheryl Tall & Ceil Sturdevant

Arrested Motion

2009 Exhibit Dates
Jul 09 To Aug 19

Life and motion are captured in figurative images by clay artists Cheryl Tall and Ceil Sturdevant. After meeting in 1992, the two artists discovered a shared affinity for creating large figures in clay that expressed both a spiritual and a narrative aspect. Each begins a sculpture with an idea, but lets the clay dictate the exact expression of that idea. The concept and the clay go through many changes until the final moment when the idea is realized by the heat of the kiln.

Cheryl Tall

Cheryl Tall's sculptures portray archetypal situations that can be used to explore modern life. Her work uses humor, texture, and color to comment on the human search for meaning and our connection to our homes, environment, and other people. Tall holds an MFA from the University of Miami. Her work has been published in seven books and has been featured in Studio Potter, Ceramic Monthly, Clay Times, Ceramics Art and Perception, Pottery Making Illustrated, Sculptural Pursuit, and American Craft magazines.

Ceil Sturdevant

Ceil Sturdevant uses a variety of techniques, methods, clay bodies, and surface treatments to
create her sculptures, which focus on the human figure. Her figurative images explore the relationships among people and are inspired by the ancient belief in the spiritual power of icons. Sturdevant holds a Master's in Art Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a studio in Pittsburgh and, since 1981, has taught ceramic art at The Ellis School. Sturdevant's ceramic sculptures have been featured in Studio Potter, Ceramic Monthly, American Craft, and Clay Times, and have been published in two books.

Florabella, Cheryl Tall, 2008, coil built from architectural clay, surfaced with kiln fired terra sigillata, slip, glaze and oxides, 42 in. x 18 in. x 26 in.