Gary Mesa-Gaido

Public Spaces of Europe

2008 Exhibit Dates
Feb 19 To Mar 14

Photographs of Europe by Gary Mesa-Gaido offer stunning panoramic views of churches, piazzas and courtyards. While they are completely reality-based, digital stitching creates an illusion of multiple perspectives. This simultaneous view of various angles would be impossible for the human eye to perceive. Mesa Gaido writes: "Adobe Photoshop enables me to obtain the seamless stitching necessary to create a singular panoramic image. The seamless photograph causes the viewer to perceive the image to be true, while distortions and the juxtaposition of improbable angles provide evidence that what the viewer sees may not be possible." Mesa-Gaido received his Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University, his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh, and is an Associate Professor of Art at Morehead State University." He has exhibited his work in over eighty exhibits, both national and international.

Galeria Vittorio Emanuele, 2004, digital light jet print on silver halide glossy photo paper, 40" x 44"