Florence Putterman

Interwoven Dialogues

2007 Exhibit Dates
Oct 09 To Nov 04

Florence Putterman's paintings are both complex and simple; seemingly naive upon first glance, yet layered with symbolism upon examination. She credits her study of the symbols created by early man as having a great influence on her style. Perhaps this explains the timeless quality she creates in her works; resembling ancient cave painting, yet bursting with colors from the modern era. Timeless as well are her lines, thick and broad, and her textures, rough with sand and shells, all resonating in the collective theme of her works: man and his relationship to the earth. Putterman earned her B.S. from NYU and her M.F.A. from Penn State University, and in 1979 was awarded a National Endowment Grant. Her work is in over 50 museum and corporate collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Chicago Art Institute, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Tsunami, 2004, oil on canvas, 64 in. x 58 in.