Where Science Meets Art

2007 Exhibit Dates
Jun 21 To Aug 31

International members of the Society for Art of Imagination will be featured in a juried exhibit at The Gallery at Penn College. While working in England in 1961, founding members of the SAI (originally called the Inscape Group) recognized that many contemporary artists were not trained in the techniques of painting and drawing. They set out to experiment with and share both old and newly developed techniques, as well as reinforce the imaginative and spiritual aspect of painting that has been the heart of art for centuries. The group was inspired by visionary artists such as Bosch, Botticelli, da Vinci, and Rembrandt; and artist Ernst Fuchs has played a significant role as researcher and teacher, and is now the Honorary President. The exhibit, "Where Science Meets Art', will be alive with realism, fantasy, and surrealism.

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire Brigid Marlin, 1998, oil and tempera, 36 in. x 31 in.