Timothy Hawkesworth

Paintings and Drawings

2007 Exhibit Dates
Feb 27 To Apr 01

Largely abstract paintings and drawing by Timothy Hawkesworth offer viewers a visual experience. Hawkesworth writes: 'Painting communicates through the power of unnamed substances. It creates a silence inside us in which the imagination has room to travel. The first job of art education is teaching people to relax and breathe and to just hang out in front of a painting, teaching them to be open to whatever the painting may do with them. The viewer of art is offered a holistic experience. He or she is taken out for a ride, engaged through the senses and propelled by the imagination feeding on the medium of the art form. It was Foucault, the French radical who suggested that to understand a painting you need a chair. It is here, seated silently before a painting, honoring our personal response, that we assert the truth of our own experience.'
Hawkesworth earned a BA from Trinity College, Dublin before immigrating to the United States and earning an MFA from Tufts University. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including a major solo exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin.

Boat #1, 2001, mixed media on paper, 52 in. x 58 in.