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Open house held at Clean Energy Center's Latrobe lab

Offering an overview of the numerous career pathways in the home energy efficiency industry, Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Clean Energy Center lab in Latrobe hosted an open house on Wednesday at its 7,500 square-foot facility at Westmoreland Airpark. The event gave attendees opportunities to watch live demonstrations of home energy efficiency technologies and network with employers and workforce development experts.

New Initiative Will Connect Pennsylvanians to Home Weatherization Careers

The nonprofit Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and a diverse network of partners today announced Green Workforce Connect—a collaborative effort that will link job seekers in Pennsylvania with home weatherization careers.

Save Money and Increase Comfort: The Basics of Commercial Building Re-tuning

Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs in your commercial facility without investing thousands of dollars in new equipment? Do you receive thermal comfort complaints from occupants in your building? Investing in Commercial Building Re-tuning skills training for your on-site facilities staff can help you tackle these problems for years to come.

What is Clean Energy?

Here at the Clean Energy Center, we define “clean energy” in two parts: energy efficiency and renewable energy. In this article we’ll share what each of these terms mean for our homes and buildings, why we put them together, and how they are fueling today’s clean energy career opportunities.

Celebrating Newfound Skills for Building Green Futures Graduates

Friday, July 14th, was a day for celebration as participants from the first class of Building Green Futures took part in the program graduation ceremony.