Have you attended another college during the fall semester and plan to transfer to Penn College for the spring semester?

Follow the instructions below to have your financial aid transferred to Penn College.
Allow two to fourteen weekdays for us to be notified of changes you make via the Internet.

If you are planning to transfer to Penn College in the summer or fall semester, follow the general financial aid application process.

Add Penn College's Federal School Code to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

You will need your FSA ID to make the update to your FAFSA.

  1. Add Pennsylvania College of Technology (our Federal School Code is 003395). You can delete other colleges at this time.
  2. Sign and submit your update.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, have your PA State (PHEAA) Grant information transferred to Pennsylvania College of Technology

  1. Log onto PHEAA's Account Access
  2. Click on 'View the Status on my PA State Grant' from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select the correct academic year (if more than one year is listed) and click 'View Details'.
  4. Select 'Update School Information'.
  5. Make needed changes to your college of attendance or housing status on the 'Change of School Information Form', click 'Submit' and you are done. 
  • Note: There is no winter term at Penn College.
  • If you change your housing status, you should check your Penn College Financial Aid Authorization (FAA) via SIS to be sure your living arrangements (housing) match PHEAA's housing status during the same academic year. 

If you received a Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan at your previous college:

  1. Ask your prior college to cancel the next disbursement of the loan.
  2. Contact our Financial Aid Office to transfer your loan application to Penn College.

If you received a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan at your previous college:

  1. Ask your prior college to cancel the next disbursement of the loan.
  2. Your parent needs to re-apply. Your parent can learn how to apply from the Parent PLUS Loan section of our Loans page.

If you received a Private Alternative Loan at your previous college:

  1. Ask the other college to cancel the next disbursement of your loan.
  2. Contact your private alternative loan lender about canceling your next disbursement and completing a new loan application for Penn College.

If you are a Veteran:

You will need to complete a VA Change form in order for us to certify your enrollment. Contact a Financial Aid Specialist for more information.

Note: Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant and Federal Work-Study awards cannot be transferred to Penn College. Your financial eligibility will be determined upon completion of the financial aid process.

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