Laurent Maehr

  • Austria
  • Business Administration

Laurent came to Penn College from Austria to study Business Administration.

Laurent Maehr

Q&A with Laurent

What brought you to Penn College?

I am one of the exchange students here at Penn College. My major is international business. And, well, what can I say? I like it here. My university is a partner of Penn College. It’s FHV, University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg. That’s the western-most state of Austria. The exchange program has two positions available for students at each institution. For the major I have, international business, it’s required for us to spend one semester abroad.

What do you love about Penn College?

I came here for various reasons, of course. It’s for my degree, international business – I took courses that relate to that. But I also came here because I’ve always wanted to come to the United States one time in my life. It’s something new. To discover, to learn more about the world, as you say. That’s why I’m here.

I think you never learn enough. It opens your mind; it widens your horizon if you travel to other countries and see how the people are there. You don’t need prejudice; that’s something you just don’t need. Learn about the people first before you judge them.

What do you think of Pennsylvania?

I miss my mountains. Otherwise, I like it. The people are nice. You can live here, definitely.

What is your dream job?

That’s a good question. My dream job would be being a game developer – to develop video games. That’s my greatest hobby, and I always wanted to spend more time there.

Your favorite class?

I think Cost Accounting is nice. The teacher, Joann Pacenta, is pretty good. I like her.

Any favorite food?

Kaiserschmarrn – that’s typical Austrian. It’s like mashed pancakes, in a sense.