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Pennsylvania College of Technology's Communication and Literature Department offers a number of core courses in English, reading, and speech - including English Composition I and II, Technical and Professional Communication, Fundamentals of Speech, and Interpersonal Communication. In addition, the department offers literature and other advanced composition and communication electives.

About the curriculum

These courses help students develop sound principles of writing, including how to:

  • research, plan, and prepare written documents for different audiences and purposes
  • take full advantage of the writing process to create quality written work
  • create and hone a written style that is clear, effective, and correct

All bachelor's degrees and many associate's degrees require a two-course sequence in composition: Composition I as the foundation, followed by either Composition II or Technical and Professional Communication. Writing skills learned in this course sequence are then applied, developed, and specialized in writing assignments throughout each major.

For students recommended by department faculty because of observed written fluency and significant experience in research, citation, and argumentation, consider the ENL111 Challenge Exam. For more information, contact

ENL111 Challenge Exam

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While Composition II starts students out with a vocabulary for understanding and appreciating poetry, fiction, and drama, students can further their pursuit of literature through a number of classes that focus on different topics and genres such as comedy, detective fiction, and creative writing.

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Oral communication skills are consistently near the top of the list of qualities employers expect in their college hires.

Two departmental course offerings, Fundamentals of Speech (SPC101) and Interpersonal Communication (SPC201), satisfy the speech communication requirement for most degrees. The former focuses on public speaking and rhetorical skills while the latter deals with person-to-person communication. In addition, the department offers several advanced communication courses, which can be put together for a Communication Studies minor.

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Because reading skills are a major predictor of success in college, reading classes are offered to help students get the most out of their degrees. These classes teach content mastery strategies, study skills, and essential note-taking.

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Placement Test Information

English Placement Test

Information about the English Placement Test can be found on the Placement Testing website.

Placement Testing

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Communication and Literature Department is to provide cross-disciplinary focused communication study that increases knowledge, develops skills, and promotes sensitivity toward others.


The goals of the department are to foster the ability of students to:

  • comprehend, analyze, and synthesize written material;
  • express concepts in writing;
  • apply a variety of revision and proofreading techniques;
  • express concepts orally;
  • comprehend nonverbal communication;
  • communicate in a team atmosphere;
  • apply active listening skills;
  • utilize resource materials to support opinions;
  • demonstrate systematic planning skills;
  • apply time management skills.

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