They've got the 21st century relationship between education and business. The model of the 21st century school … is making sure that your curriculum prepares your students for jobs. They've been doing that for quite some time.

Tom Ridge, 1998 , Governor

As a special mission affiliate of Penn State, Penn College achieved its potential as the state's premier technical college. Continuing in a tradition of excellence, it advanced to become a nationally ranked institution, where a Penn College degree—combining a comprehensive education with hands-on experience using advanced technologies—is a real advantage in the world of work.

Unique Bachelor of Science degree programs, introduced after the Penn State affiliation, provided new opportunities for students to build upon their technical background and advance into management and specialty positions. Regular, new additions to curriculum prepared students to find success in traditional and emerging career fields.

Today, Penn College is a thriving, modern residential campus offering a full collegiate experience, including intercollegiate athletics, fraternity life, and a wide range of social and professional organizations.

The College also continues its commitment to workplace development, managing the state's largest worker-training program as well as nationally and internationally-known industry resource centers, including the National Sustainable Structures Center, the Shale Training & Education Center, and the Plastics Innovation & Resource Center.

In 2012, Penn College announced a new vision to become a national leader in applied technology education. And, in 2014, the College celebrated its Centennial anniversary. With a history of innovation and flexibility to meet emerging, real-world needs, the institution is positioned to attain even greater levels of success.