Tuition and Tuition-Related Fee Charges

If for any reason a student finds it necessary to reduce the net credit load through termination or dropping credits, tuition and related fee charges will be refunded to the appropriate party (i.e., agency, lending institution, and/or student) as dictated by federal and state regulations. The amount of refund is determined according to the following:

Date of drop Amount
Up to and including the first day of classes Full refund
Second day through the end of the third week of the semester (or the 20% point, whichever is earlier) 70% of tuition fees
After the third week of the semester (or the 20% point, whichever is earlier) No refund

Students may drop a class without financial penalty on the day of the first class meeting. In the case of an evening class, a student may drop the course the following day without penalty. All other course drops will follow the above-referenced schedule.

Tuition and related fee adjustments will be calculated based on the starting dates for each class. For nontraditional courses, the 20% point is the date by which 20% of the instructional hours have elapsed.

Housing Charges, Dining Plans, and Textbook/Supplies

A student who pays on-campus housing fees and then decides to withdraw as a Penn College student will receive a refund as specified in the housing contract. A student who pays for a dining plan and then decides to withdraw will receive a refund as specified in the dining services disclosure statement. Refunds for textbooks and course materials, tools and supplies, and other college costs will be processed in accordance with guidelines established by the chief financial officer.

Eligibility & Refund Schedule

In order to be treated in accordance with the above refund policy, the student must have completed the formal termination or drop procedures and outlined in Policy IV 4.31 – Terminations, Drops and Withdrawals.

Students terminated from course(s) and assigned an "F" or "T" grade due to academic dishonesty, academic misconduct, or behavioral misconduct will not be eligible for any refund during the first three weeks (or 20% of the term).

After refunds have been recorded, any credit balance in the student’s account will be distributed according to the following schedule:

  1. Financial aid awards, including Federal Direct loans will be adjusted to comply with state and federal regulations.
  2. Monies paid through third-party contractual agreements will be refunded to the granting agency.
  3. Remaining balances, if any, will be refunded electronically to a bank account at a financial institution of the student's choice.

Should a student's account show an amount due to Pennsylvania College of Technology after all adjustments have been made, the student will remain responsible for payment in order to satisfy his or her financial obligation.


Students who believe they are entitled to an exception to this policy must appeal to the chief student affairs officer in writing. The student must do this; parents, guardians or other family members may not appeal on the behalf of the student except in unusual circumstances where the student is unable to represent himself/herself.

Any exceptions granted may be refunded on a prorated basis.

Reference: College Policy 5.23