Student educational records are specifically defined as records, files, documents and other materials that contain information directly related to a student and maintained by the College or someone acting for the College. Excluded from student educational records are records of instructional, supervisory and administrative personnel and ancillary educational personnel in the sole possession of the maker, and that are not accessible or revealed to any other person, except a substitute. Additionally, notes of a professor or staff member intended for his/her own use are not part of the educational record, nor are records of police services, application records of students not admitted to the College, alumni records, or records of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, or other recognized professionals.

Records relating to an individual who is employed by an educational agency or institution not as a result of his/her status as a student are also excluded. However, employment records relating to College students who are employed as a result of their status as students are considered educational records, e.g. work study.