Alcohol Policy

The purpose of the College’s Student Alcohol Policy is to help ensure the legal and responsible use of alcohol and reinforce that illegal, excessive, or otherwise dangerous alcohol consumption is prohibited.

The College permits alcoholic beverages on campus only when approved for instructional or hospitality purposes and for limited events approved by the College.

Recognized student organizations are permitted to host events off-campus where alcohol is present in a limited number of events approved by the College. Specific guidelines are provided by the Student Activities Office. In the case of student organizations, the responsibility to comply with this policy and established guidelines lies with all participants. The officers and advisers of the student organization are responsible for the oversight of the event.

The College permits the responsible and legal use of alcohol at College-approved trips off-campus (including study abroad, conferences, etc.) provided the following:

  • The trip has been approved by the College.
  • The adviser or faculty member has not prohibited alcohol use during the off-campus trip.
  • Applicable laws of the state or foreign country visited and rules of host institutions are used to determine the legality and appropriateness of alcohol use.

Participants in activities involving alcohol or where alcohol is present are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences. This includes on-campus and off-campus events, as well as approved trips off campus and travel abroad. By allowing the responsible and legal use of alcohol in certain circumstances or for certain events, the College does not assume and is not assuming any liability for any loss, damage, injury or other consequences arising out of or relating to the consumption or presence of alcohol and students and other participants, by participating, assume the sole and exclusive risk and responsibility.

Violations of this policy, on or off campus by students or student organizations, will be dealt with severely. Individual and student organization violators are subject to the College disciplinary procedures.

Reference: College Policy 4.44