College Police are contacted when a College employee encounters a student who appears severely intoxicated. The officer determines if the student needs to be taken for immediate medical assistance or to the ISRA.

Upon arrival

  • Inventory is taken of personal belongings and documented on evidence tracing forms completed by both College Police and the EMT.
  • Detailed health and substance abuse history is taken by the EMT.
  • Basic physical exam is completed and documented by the EMT.
  • A vital signs monitor is attached to student.
  • Preliminary breath test readings are retaken.
  • Audio and video recordings begin for protection of student and staff.

EMT’s role

  • Monitor vital signs
  • Deliver basic medical care determined by the timing and amount of ingestion of alcohol beverages
  • Provide oral hydration by supplying water
  • Complete health history and assessment to look at the length of use, type of alcohol being ingested, and the amount consumed
  • Conduct breath alcohol rechecks to look at trending of the metabolism of alcohol
  • Notify Emergency Medical Services and arrange transportation to emergency care (approximately six blocks away) if needed

Upon release

  • Personal belongings are returned to student.
  • Student is escorted back to apartment by College Police.
  • Student is billed a fee.
  • Most students will receive one or more of the following judicial sanctions by the College:
    • BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention of College Students) session
    • Assessment through Counseling Services
    • Judicial probation