Penn College offers RoomSync as an additional tool to assist new and returning students in the process of finding compatible roommates. RoomSync allows students to create profiles, search for potential roommates based on specific criteria, view profiles of potential roommates, and communicate with potential roommates to determine if there is a compatible match.

How RoomSync Works

Students who apply to live on campus and are of "assigned" status will receive an email invitation to join RoomSync. As Penn College has a specific domain within RoomSync, you must use the unique link you receive in the email to be sure you will be searching for roommates from the pool of Penn College students who have also applied to live on campus. RoomSync is a software service on Facebook; you must have a Facebook account to use RoomSync. You will be setting up a RoomSync profile that is different from your Facebook profile. If you do not have a Facebook profile and wish to use RoomSync, you can create a Facebook profile for the purposes of using RoomSync, and use the privacy settings in Facebook to hide the Facebook profile from public view.

After you're matched...

Once you find compatible matches on RoomSync, you need to do the following:

New Students

Specify the roommate(s) preference in the Student Portal by accessing the Modify Preference option on the Housing Contract page. Because roommate preferences must be mutual, both parties in a roommate pair must go into the Modify Preference option and indicate the preference. When the preferences are mutual, the roommate request function will change to say "confirmed" next to the preferred roommate's name. Keep in mind that the number of mutual roommate preferences will have a bearing on the style of living accommodations assigned (i.e., three mutually preferred roommates will be assigned to a room that has space for at least three people, even if one or more members of the group have indicated a preference for living in a single or double room).

Returning Students

Choose a process based on your situation:

  1. Regular apartment selection process
    RoomSync matches can communicate prior selecting an apartment on the Student Portal during the open selection period so that all potential roommates select the same apartment.
  2. Pre-assignment process
    Students who have been able to form a group of four can apply to be pre-assigned.