'Baja SAE Williamsport'

Published 02.14.2024

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Gear up for a great conversation when Marshall Fowler, engineering design technology student and Penn College Baja SAE Club president, sits down to share his team's dynamic drive in the latest episode of the Tomorrow Makers podcast, "Baja SAE Williamsport."

As Penn College prepares to host the international Baja SAE competition, May 16-19, there is high excitement and unwavering dedication from Penn College Baja SAE Club members who are spending countless hours in the lab, designing, building and perfecting their off-road vehicle. Marshall and his team are pouring their hearts and minds into this year's masterpiece. Come along for the ride and get details on how you can join the action.

In the 14th episode of the Penn College podcast, Marshall explains that "Baja is an engineering competition that you get to drive in," along with other insights on the endurance event attracting college and university teams from across the country and around the world. "We like making cool parts and we like making cool stuff, so we're driven to do that," Marshall relays, noting that this intensive, hands-on experience has "transformed the way I design things."

Interested in this epic initiative? Learn more about Baja SAE Williamsport, support the team or volunteer. 

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