Video documents family's hands-on control of college's Boeing 727

Published 10.18.2022

Engineering Technologies

In a colossal example of the rare opportunities that Pennsylvania College of Technology provides those who set foot on its campuses, a Dublin, Ohio, family got to operate a Boeing 727 during a two-day visit earlier this month. Connor Duvall attended the Aviation Workforce Success Mini-Camp at the college's Lumley Aviation Center in Montoursville, and, because of the small-group nature of the event, his parents (David and Amy) were allowed to join in many of the activities. That included sitting in the cockpit of the plane, donated by FedEx Express in 2012, for individualized direction by aviation instructor Michael R. Robison. A seven-minute video of the experience – shot and edited by Thomas D. Inman, associate professor of aviation, and titled "Ordinary Family Starts a Boeing 727" – was posted to the faculty member's YouTube channel. "I really enjoyed my experience at the aviation camp," Duvall, a senior at Dublin Coffman High School, told PCToday. "The instructors were very welcoming and helpful, and I was very impressed with the school’s resources. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue my education at Penn College."