Already in students' corner, industry ally shares pointers with staff

Published 08.26.2022

Corporate Relations
Faculty & Staff
Workforce Development

Kowalewski listens to feedback during his interactive staff presentation.Replicating the career-building advice and opportunities that Penn College's industry partners regularly offer students, one of the institution's steadfast corporate colleagues held a professional development session for staff this past week.

Chris Kowalewski, chief growth officer with Compass Group and a member of the college's Hospitality Advisory Committee, discussed "The Art of Sales" – characteristics of an artful seller, enhancement of the customer experience and understanding clients' motivation – with College Relations and Workforce Development employees.

He encouraged his audience to maintain a sense of ownership throughout the entire process with a customer, and highlighted the power of tailoring simple and memorable position statements.

Among the day's topics was the DiSC personality assessment, which fosters better connections through self-awareness and adaptation to others' styles.“We appreciate how the partnership with Compass Group has helped transform the lives of many students through unique educational experiences and scholarships," said Loni N. Kline, vice president for college relations/chief philanthropy officer. "On this day, the partnership opened an opportunity to bring professional development, hosted by a seasoned expert in sales. Chris graciously gave of his time to help share his personal and professional experience in the art of sales and bringing different considerations to the work that we do across a variety of constituents. We are very grateful for this learning opportunity.”

Compass Group, a leading food service and support services company, this year reached the Heritage Society level ($50,000-$99,999) of donor support to Penn College.
Photos by Elizabeth A. Biddle, senior corporate relations director