Hiding in plain sight

Published 10.21.2021

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Nestled amid the greenery, these tiny quarters offer room with a magnificent view.A housing market made up of unreal estate comprises the semester's opening task for Ceramics I students.Taking their inspiration from New York-born artist Charles Simonds' series of miniature "Dwellings," students in David A. and Deborah L. Stabley's Ceramics I classes have left whimsical creations across campus to delight passersby. "This is their first assignment to loosen them up," David said, explaining that Simonds fashioned small environments out of clay bricks for people to come across as they made their way through the city. The Penn College structures are made of unfired clay, and will return to the earth as rain slowly wears them away – but not before entertaining everyone fortunate enough to find one in their daily travels.
Photos by Alexis M. Burrell, student photographer