Construction Specialties partners with welding program

Published 06.22.2021

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Construction Specialties, a New Jersey-based building products manufacturer with local operations in Muncy, has entered into a material-exchange agreement with Pennsylvania College of Technology’s welding program.

Construction Specialties has been a valued corporate partner of the college for many years. Recently, through the assistance of alumnus Anthony J. Peachey, senior marketing manager, the company agreed to provide scrap material, aluminum and stainless steel to the welding program for Penn College students and faculty to use in hands-on coursework. The college then returns the welded materials to Construction Specialties for scrap recycling purposes. The welding program saves on materials purchased for training, and the materials are recognized as a charitable donation from Construction Specialties.

Student-constructed welding bins are helping to facilitate a material-exchange agreement between Pennsylvania College of Technology’s welding program and corporate partner Construction Specialties.To facilitate the exchange process, Michael R. Allen, co-department head of welding & metal fabrication technologies, and Jacob Holland, welding faculty, had their students construct four 12-by-3-foot bins. Two of the bins will be placed at Construction Specialties for separation of their collected materials; the remaining two will be located in the college’s welding lab.

Once the students use all of the materials, the process will repeat: The two empty bins will be delivered to Construction Specialties, and the two full bins will be returned for the next round of student projects.

“Construction Specialties’ commitment to provide these materials is essential to our welding students’ ability to apply their hands-on skills,” said Chris S. Macdonald, assistant director of corporate relations for the college. “Anthony Peachey’s willingness to champion the return of this practice proves again how our alumni continue to impact Penn College and pass their pride on to our future tomorrow makers.”

“Construction Specialties recognizes the value in providing Penn College’s welding students materials to enhance their skills,” Peachey said. “The fact that they built the containers themselves is proof that hands-on education translates to workforce readiness, and we are always proud to promote that.”

“This practice affords our program the materials needed to train our students and provides Construction Specialties with added recyclable materials for increased scrap value,” Allen said. “We are very appreciative that Construction Specialties has reestablished this agreement.”

Construction Specialties, a newly enrolled Corporate Tomorrow Maker, is constantly looking at ways to assist Penn College students as they develop their skills and consider their futures. Founded in 1948, the family-owned manufacturer provides solutions to challenges that architects, designers, contractors, building owners and facility managers face every day.

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