Aviation student's classwork shown in trade magazine

Published 05.04.2021

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An image from O'Loughlin's cellphone, readily dropped into his class portfolio, affirms the ease of documentation.Excerpts from a student's portfolio accompany a faculty-written article in the May issue of Avionics News, published internationally by the Aircraft Electronics Association. The work of Corey S. O'Loughlin – an aviation maintenance technology major from Bethlehem – helpfully illustrates a Theory & Practice column by Thomas D. Inman, associate professor at Penn College's Lumley Aviation Center and a regular contributor to the magazine for more than a decade. "Keeping a log today is much easier than in the 1980s when I started working on aircraft. Now, thanks to tablets with cameras, spreadsheets and electronic storage, a technician has a real opportunity to create an aid that I could only dream," writes Inman in his "Keep a Notebook" piece. "I would find an old three-ring binder and fill it with blank pages. I would add notes and sketches on the pages in my rather poor handwriting. Today, you can snap a photo, and I encourage my students to do this. In addition, you can type something legible. Drawing tools are free, and you can make sketches using them."