LJC preps homemade feast for those away from home

Published 11.25.2020

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Business, Arts & Sciences

Madison Y. Cooper, a culinary arts technology and applied management student and part-time Le Jeune Chef cook, wraps a pan of stuffing, ready to be baked on Friday. She is from Harrisburg.Patrick E. Hufnagle, of Antes Fort, places the dough for a batch of pumpkin cranberry rolls in a dough divider/rounder.After its turn in the divider/rounder, the dough is portioned, shaped and ready to bake.Hufnagle is a baking and pastry arts and applied management student, plus a part-time baker for Le Jeune Chef.In an effort to preserve at least one tradition in a year that has been anything but normal, Le Jeune Chef staff and students are preparing a free Thanksgiving feast for the dozens of students who have opted to stay on campus during the holiday break or are isolating.

While some of the prep work was completed Wednesday, the small crew will return to campus from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Friday to complete and individually package the traditional, handmade Thanksgiving dinners.

... and resident assistants Tim C. Yesalavage (left), of Hightstown, N.J., and David A. Greiner, of Wilmington, Del. (Mallery is in the background, driving the golf cart.)Ready to deliver Thanksgiving meals are (from left) Cathy E. Gamez, coordinator for Dauphin Hall; Jonathan D. Wescott, director of residence life and judicial affairs; Meghan R. Delsite-Coleman, coordinator for Clinton, Delaware and Juniata halls; and Ashley M. Hunter, secretary to residence life. They were aided by Timothy J. Mallery, assistant director of residence life and coordinator of housing operations, as well as the Strickland family ...Handwritten reminders of students' home away from home accompanied the seasonal feast.From 2-3 p.m., college staff and administrators will join resident assistants in delivering the meals to an expected 50-60 students. To add a family touch, resident assistants are writing notes to accompany each dinner.

The project was the idea of Thomas C. Heffner, assistant dean of arts and sciences, was facilitated by Brian D. Walton, dean of business and hospitality, and was brought to fruition by Michael R. Triassi, director of sales and restaurant operations for the School of Business, Arts & Sciences, and Chef Christopher R. Grove, executive chef of Le Jeune Chef Restaurant (Triassi and Grove rush ordered ingredients for the feast) along with staff and students from Le Jeune Chef and Residence Life.