Setting tone of Thanksgiving, center's children show gratitude

Published 11.23.2020


CLC staff members Smith (left) and Cowher join the Bunnies in saying a star-spangled "thank you" to servicemen and women.General Services' Thomas R. McFadden (left) and Joseph P. Helminiak meet with a most appreciative flock of Birds.

To continue to spread kindness and teach appreciation, the girls and boys at the Dunham Children's Learning Center took time to make a mural and a poster of thanks this November. The Bunnies' classroom of 2-year-olds (left), accompanied by group leader Stacie L. Smith and assistant group leader Michelle M. Cowher, thanked all veterans for their service. And the 4-year-olds in the Birds' class, led by group leader Tiffany L. Tyhanic and assistant group leader Valerie L. Vonada, artistically recognized General Services team members for repairing the deck around their beautiful tree on the preschool playground.
Photos by Linda A. Reichert, CLC director